Saturday, 3 March 2012

New Magazine Article

I've written a new article, on watercolour, which has been published in the latest edition of Leisure Painter magazine. 
The article, 'The Mood Wash', is all about creating mood and atmosphere in your paintings, which is something I often talk about in this blog. One of the paintings is featured on the front cover of the magazine.


Bruce Sherman said...

Hi there David!... I love the crisp fresh approach that you use in your watercolours! You do say so miuch... with so very little!

Simplification is a real hard hurdle to get over... especially when working en plein air... where everything and everyone is right in your face! HA HA!!

I'll look forward to perusing your article in Leisure Painter. I read it every month at Chapters Books here in Canada!

Happy Watercolouring!
Warmest regards,
Bruce Sherman

David Webb said...

Hello Bruce,
Thanks for your comment. Trying to say the most, by using the least, is one of my aims... if that makes sense.
Didn't know you had Leisure Painter in Canada. Great!

silviamag said...

I'm like your work you are amaizins
and I like to see you works and videos by internet.I live in MOnterrey Mexico.

I can't found your e mail to send you a request for pasword and see your page
thank you so much

David Webb said...

Hi Silvia
Thank you for your comments. If you send me an email I will send you the password, which allows you to open the newsletters on my website.