Saturday, 18 July 2015

'Sun Worshipper'

Here's a demo painting from my workshop at the Watershed Studio on 14th/15th July. An exercise in painting loosely. It's the shape and character that's important, rather than detail.
Many thanks to Allison for providing me with some great lunches and lots of cake.
I'll be back again next year for another 2-day workshop: 'Watercolour Landscapes in 3 Washes' (2nd/3rd August).


I had my first workshop at the Butterfly Art & Craft Studio, for Art & Craft Days, on the 13th July. 'Villages and Town Landscapes' was the theme, and here's one of my demo's from the day. It's a town scene in Dartmouth, which I chose to illustrate a few tips on perspective.
Many thanks to Brian and Julie for making me feel welcome, and providing me with a wonderful lunch (and lots of tea and coffee). I'll be back next year!