Tuesday, 8 October 2013

'Clouds over Torcross

On another painting trip to Torcross, in South Devon, the sky was a little heavier with a few interesting clouds. The wind was up too, hence the windbreaks on the beach. Light was still good though and, after bracing my easel with a heavy rucksack, I painted this on the spot. I must admit, as someone who loves to paint light-filled subjects, I do prefer a little drama in the sky as opposed to just a flat, blue one.


Monday, 7 October 2013

'Rocks and Water'

This demonstration painting was done during one of my 'trouble-shooting' sessions. On the final day of a course I ask my students if there is any last thing that I can demonstrate for them. On this occasion I was requested to do demonstrate water splashing against rocks. Someone else asked if I could show how to portray wet sand. Luckily, I could do both of these in the same painting.


Friday, 4 October 2013

'Ferry Slipway at Dartmouth'

Another on-site demonstration painting for one of my painting holiday classes. There's so much to paint at a location like this. This spot is Bayard's Cove, where there's a ferry to/from Kingswear on the north side of the Dart. Just to my right is the Tudor artillery fort, which once defended the harbour entrance. At the foot of the hill, on the north side, there is a steam railway line, which operates between Kingswear and Paignton.


Thursday, 3 October 2013

'Looking Towards Meadfoot'

This is one of the views, in Torbay, which is part of the South West Coastal Path. The painting was done as a demonstration to my students, during one of my painting holidays this year. I wanted to show how to paint the atmospheric feel of the bay, and to portray a feeling of distance with the headland receding into the hazy background.


Wednesday, 2 October 2013


This is Pilgrim or, to be more precise, Pilgrim BM45. She's a fully restored 1895 Brixham built gaff-rigged sailing trawler. I'm fortunate enough to live in Torbay and this boat is frequently seen in the bay. With its distinctive red sails, it is easy to spot. What makes it an interesting subject for me, from an artistic point of view, is the shape of the hull and the lovely, fluid reflection.