Monday, 14 August 2017

'Take Three Washes'

Part two of my article on using my three-wash technique, for watercolour, is in the latest issue of Leisure Painter. Last months article was concerned with working in monotone but in the latest edition we add colour too.
'Take three washes' is in the September issue. Available now, as they say.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

On our final day at Port Talbot, we visited the Maritime Quarter at Royal Victoria Dock, Swansea. A good place to visit on a showery day. My demo painting, shown here, is unfinished as we had to grab paints/easels/chairs and find cover when the rain moved in.
However, we took cover underneath some plane trees and continued. We were spotted by Gigi Gao, proprietor of the Shang Restaurant and Club who was kind enough to make us some tea (she even got her staff to bring us tables and chairs!). It was a lovely thought and a good end to our painting trip (photos: Sue Collingridge and Stephen Stocks).

Also from my Port Talbot course, a sunnier day at the Mumbles.

From my recent trip to Margam FSC, Port Talbot. I set up my easel and painted this demonstration of the ruins. I had to shield the painting a couple of times, to save it from the odd shower (photo by Eva Rybicki).