Friday, 1 February 2013

New Article in Leisure Painter

The new issue of Leisure Painter magazine contains a three-page article I have written. The subject is one that I am keen to get across at my workshops, and that is painting with a limited palette. I tend to work with 4 or 5 colours, for a particular painting. Some subjects, like floral studies, may require more but, in general, I make do with just a few. It creates a harmonious look to the painting. For the above painting I used only 3.
For those of you outside the UK, you can view the article online by following this link:


Julie Ford Oliver said...

I enjoyed the visit and am honored you commented on my blog. It is nice when someone of your high level takes the time to encourage others.

David Webb said...

Thanks for your comment, Julie. It's great that, with this technology, we are able to look at fellow artists' work on the other side of the world.