Monday, 23 January 2012

'Low Tide, Brixham'

Another painting featuring water. The tide was quite low, as can be seen from the hulls of the two foreground boats. Their reflections were mirrored on the surface but a slight breeze was enough to break up their outlines. The movement slightly elongates the dark, reflected shapes.
As always, I've simplified the shapes and the ripples. I used my largest brush to paint the hulls and their reflections in one go. I painted this directly, without any build up of washes, which means that I had to be sure that my colours were strong enough. Once dry, I added a small detail here and there.
With water, less is more.


Brinda said...

Wonderful David!

Julie Ford Oliver said...

I think this one is quite brilliant. Love the sparkle on the water but the "values" in your reflections are spot on/