Tuesday, 14 December 2010

"Bright Morning at Torquay Pavilion"

Earlier this year I got on the bus to Torquay, with my paints, easel & paper, and hopped off at the Pavilion. I managed to find a little shade under a tree and set up my easel. For anyone who's ever painted outdoors, you'll know just how fast the shadows move and the light changes. This seems to be even more apparent when you're painting architecture. As the sun catches widow sills and railings, the shadows move across the surface like a sundial. Still, I work pretty fast and managed to paint this in just over an hour. I began with an all-over wash with cobalt blue in the sky and raw sienna on the sunny areas of the building. Once dry, I quickly filled in shadows with cooler mixes of cobalt, light red and alizarin crimson.

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